HWAM Wood Stoves

One of the few family owned Danish stove manufacturers

We love their classic Danish styling which compliments either a contemporary or traditional home.
Danish engineers design and prepare the products for the manufacturing process based on HWAM’s 40 years experience in the industry.

HWAM Wood Stoves

HWAM Wood StovesSome of the best stoves on the market today.



HWAM 2610 Wood Stove


With the HWAM 2600 series, the Danish designers Henrik Sørig and Tobias Jacobsen have created another beautiful stove series which is grand in elegance yet small in size.

HWAM 4620 Wood Stove


Unlike the 2610 the Hwam 2620 does not have side glass, making it a perfect fit for both corner and fireplace installations.

The pane rinse feature keeps the glass clean and ensures that the fascinating fire can be enjoyed through the slightly curved glass pane in the cast-iron door.

HWAM 4620 Wood Stove


The Hwam 2630 has an attractive stand raising the stove so you can watch the flames. The Hwam 2630 has autopilot and has the choice of the modern or contemporary style of door.

HWAM 3110 Wood Stove


The elliptical design originates in pure Scandinavian lines that make the HWAM 3100 more than just a stove.

It’s also an attractive piece of furniture. Wall hung, it has a discreet feel and is easy to clean.

HWAM 3120 Wood Stove


The elliptical shape, form and finish make it possible to install this stove in a corner, on a straight wall and even in the centre of the room.

Add a rotating plinth to enjoy the flames from all angles.

HWAM 3130 Wood Stove


Give in to the fascination of the dancing flames from HWAM 3130m. The curved glass in the door of the stove invites the family to enjoy the view of the flames from many angles in the room…

HWAM 3520 Wood Stove


The Hwam 3520 is great for any interior. It’s modern with its more rounded design, large glass door to view the flames and has handy storage space underneath.

Many different options to choose from, cast iron door, glass door, heat-retaining stone and available in black, grey, white or even sand stone.

HWAM 3630 Wood Stove


The elliptical shape, form and finish make it possible to install this stove in a corner, on a straight wall and even in the centre of the room.

Add a rotating plinth to enjoy the flames from all angles.

HWAM 4620 Wood Stove


HWAM 3640 is an eco-friendly wood-burning stove. Like the other models in the series, it is equipped with a ventilated handle and a locking system that makes it easy to open and shut the door.

HWAM 3740 Wood Stove


With the HWAM 3700 series, the designers have created a slender wood-burning stove, whose design language is ­similar to straight columns.

The 3700 series is available in the new integrated handle to give the stove an unbroken look.

HWAM 4150 wood stove


The HWAM 4100 series was inspired by the most complete of all forms: the circle. This series can get nice and close to the corner or to the wall.

HWAM 4340 Wood Stove


The Hwam 4340 stove comes with a few different options which would suit any room, whether it’s the classic steel body or something a little different like rosewood clad.
It also can fit a 330mm size log which gives you a lovely view of the fire from its large glass door.

HWAM 4620 Wood Stove


The Hwam 4510 is a beautiful and versatile stove that you can have both wall mounted and on a plinth.

This wood-burning stoves is designed by recognised Danish architects and furniture designers.

HWAM 4620 Wood Stove


The Hwam 4520 is an modern and environmentally friendly source of heating. Meaning that you spend less time fuelling your stove to heat your room. You can just sit back and enjoy watching the flames dance and crackle.

HWAM 4620 Wood Stove


Do you want a discrete stove capable of heating up your home and creating a good atmosphere?

Then this stove may appeal to you, as it is the smallest model in the HWAM 4600 series.

HWAM 4620 Wood Stove


Hwam 4640 wood burning stove is a stylish contemporary wood burner from Hwam with a 8 kw nominal heat output to room. The Hwam 4640 stove has a tall base giving extra height and is ideal for freestanding in a room.

HWAM 4620 Wood Stove


Hwam 4660 from Hwam 4600 series is the tallest model from the 4600 range with a height of 1388mm. The Hwam 4660 features a high top which can store heat storage bricks for slowly transmitting heat out into the room. The Hwam 4660 is available with cast door or modern glass door & with the option of steel body, soapstone cladding or sandstone cladding

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