HWAM 4520
Wood Stove

The Hwam 4520 is an modern and environmentally friendly source of heating. Meaning that you spend less time fuelling your stove to heat your room. You can just sit back and enjoy watching the flames dance and crackle.
While Hwams engineers develop the technology to ensure the Hwam 4520 has a world class combustion, their designers make sure that the visual details compliment the functionality and simple operation.


HWAM Autopilot: Yes
Capacity (kW): 3-7
AutomaticTM nominal heat output (kW): 4,9
IHSTM nominal heat output (kW): 4,9
Smokeoutlet, Ø (mm): 150
Chimney draught, recommended (Pa): 12
Combustion chamber width (cm): 35,8
Height (cm): 75,5
Width (cm): 50,0
Depth (cm): 40,6
Weight (kg): 96
Outlet connection, meassurements, Autopilot/Autopilot IHS
Connection from floor, top (cm): 72,3
Efficiency, gross/net (%): 81,6/81,0
HWAM 3110 wood stove


HWAM 4520c on the floor
HWAM 4520m on the floor

HWAM 4520c wall mounted
HWAM 4520m wall mounted

HWAM 4520c with low plinth
HWAM 4520m with low plinth

HWAM 4520c with high plinth
HWAM 4520m with high plinth

HWAM SmartControl

Use your phone or tablet to control the temperature in the room

HWAM’s SmartControl™ electronic air regulation gives you a sublime level of comfort and goes easy on the environment and on your pocket. But it’s not just that – at the price of a wood-burning stove, you also get an engineer a personal firing aid right in the middle of your living room!

The “HWAM SmartControl” app allows you to easily set up your desired room temperature on a mobile telephone or tablet – and the app even reminds you when it’s time to fill up with firewood again. The only thing you have to do yourself is light the fire and close the door.

The system will take care of the rest for you, so you can relax, kick back and relish the flames and the cosy heat.

This is how easy it is

Light the fire as usual

With HWAM SmartControl you light the fire as you would with any other stove. No changes here.

Set the desired temperature level in the room

Use the app on your phone or tablet to set the room temperature level with the push of a button. The solution allows you to quickly and easily control how hot it is in the room.

Get a reminder when you need to add more firewood

The app will tell you when it’s time to fill up the stove with more firewood. This way you don’t have to constantly keep an eye on the fuel level in the stove – HWAM SmartControl does that for you.


£1545.83 exc VAT

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