Chilli Penguin

We love working with the young dynamic Welsh company Chilli Penguin

Chilli Penguin have a similar ethos to us here at Wendron Stoves.
They are a mad bunch, a bit like us. It must be all that Welsh weather.
We have been fortunate enough to work with them on some new designs built like only the Welsh can do, to endure.

Chilli Penguin Wood Burning Stoves

The name ‘Chilli Penguin’ came from one of their son’s favourite books when he was three.

It was about a penguin who didn’t like the cold, from that chilly penguin…Chilli Penguin was born.

Chilli Penguin on working with us:
“We are interested in sustainable energy production and we are committed to supporting British manufacturing.  Not only because the UK is good at it but because every order contributes to the salary of someone local to us or someone we know. We love stoves ourselves, we design them, build them and have them in our homes and workshops. We are inspired by the climate that we live in. Over the winter we can get battered by the winds and we are surrounded by damp, salty air and the same stoves have been performing brilliantly for over a decade now. For us that is the best recommendation we can give you.”


Chilli Penguin Billie Gentoo

Billie Gentoo

This has always been the baby of the family and has undergone a redesign to meet the Ecodesign criteria.

Chilli Penguin SHORT Wood Stove


A beautiful little stove which is our best seller.

It fits really well into a small traditional open fire space in houses in Cornwall.

Chilli Penguin Stock Cube


The Stock Cube is a wood only stove. The wood sits right on the vermiculite bricks on the base of the stove, there is no need for a grate. It has a generous fire box, sized for logs 3OOmm long and an even more generous piece of glass, offering you a wonderful clear view of the roaring fire.

Chilli Penguin Stock Cube Convectore


This penguin is the Stock Cube, with side convector panels. As well as making it a convector stove, it makes it wider, with a wider top plate, so effectively a Stock Cube with a little extra muscle.

Chilli Penguin Fubsy


The Fubsy is a 5kw wood only convector model of the Stock cube with an integral log store. It has a generous firebox, sized for logs 3OOmm long and an even more significant piece of glass, offering you a wonderfully clear view of the roaring fire.

Chilli Penguin Popty

Popty Cube

Part of the new series of the Chilli penguin family which is a wood-fired cooker stove based on the 5 kW Stock Cube firebox, with a top oven box.

This is a gloriously chilled Penguin.

Chilli Penguin Popty Stout

Popty Stout

Popty Stout is stout and proud, hardworking and grounded. This is a penguin to rely on. It has the Stock Cube firebox, a top oven box and side convector panels making it wider than the Popty Cube.

Chilli Penguin Popty Lofty

Popty Lofty

Popty is Welsh for oven – the perfect name for this series of stoves, with its integrated store to make it tidier and added height for proportions but still 5Kw perfect for the average size room.

Chilli Penguin Woody Cat


The Woody Eco (Cat) is 83% efficient and has a particulate emission figure that is 75% lower than the figure required by Ecodesign standard, thanks to the catalytic converter technology.

Chilli Penguin Woody Multi fuel eco


The Woody Eco (Multi Fuel) is 83% efficient on wood and 87% efficient on anthracite, with similar particulate emissions, well within the 2022 Ecodesign requirements. Like its eco brother, this stove also has secondary heat retaining glazing, with air wash and a landscape view of the fire. It also has the new Chilli Penguin handle.


Chilli Penguin HUNGRY Wood Stove


The Chilli Penguin Short with an oven above. Looking to bake those Cornish Pasties, Scones, or just a pie.

Then the Hungry will be great for you

Chilli Penguin HIGH & MIGHTY Wood Stove


The High & Mighty Chilli Penguin Stove may have its nose in the air, just a touch. It is a little superior with its elevated height, oven box, big top plate and convection panels. This is a high functioning stove and it knows it.

Chilli Penguin CHUBBY Wood Stove


The Chilli Penguin Chubby is the first venture for Chilli penguin into the more contemporary style.

We know this will be a great stove.

Chilli Penguin FAT Wood Stove


The Chilli Penguin Fat wood stove has all the features of the Hungry Penguin.

A 5kw firebox, oven and a top plate. The extra width means a bigger top plate so you can fit more on.

Chilli Penguin PENGUIN 7 Wood Stove


The Chilli Penguin Penguin 7 wood stove is a big boy of the penguin family.

A 7.1kw fire with a big glass window to view a roaring fire.

Idris Wood Stove


The Penguin Idris gives out 7 kW of chilli hot heat, like the Penguin 7 but with more to love; extra width with the side convector panels and extra height with the log store.

Chilli Penguin 78 Wood Stove


The  Seventy Ate “78” is a 7.2kW stove. The child of The Penguin 7 and the Hungry Penguin. 78 has a big oven on top and an integral plinth underneath.

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