Each stove behaves differently however the following guidance applies to most stoves. 

  1. Before lighting the stove ensure that all air controls are fully open. Generally speaking it is a good idea to keep an insulating layer of ashes from earlier fires in the bottom of the stove
  2. Place two pieces of split wood in the bottom of the firebox.
  3. Put kindling wood on top of this and place fire starters between the two layers of wood.
  4. Finally put another piece of split wood on the top and light the fire starters.
  5. Leave the door ajar in order to ensure an optimal air flow.
    After approximately 20 minutes, the heat will provide a draw through the chimney, and you can close the door completely.
    Adjust the air controls to the desired level.

Please note that the weather plays an important part during the lighting of the stove.
On a clear day, it may not be necessary to leave the door ajar in the lighting phase.
On a day with bad weather, it might take longer before the stove and the chimney have reached optimal working conditions.