All Dik Geurts wood fires and stoves deliver high efficiency and the cleanest possible combustion. All models meet the most stringent quality standards and certifications, so they are the very pinnacle of wood burning technology. With Dik Geurts, anyone can produce a glorious wood fire.

Dik Geurts stoves are very easy to operate. They have only one lever for regulating the combustion air. One position allows the primary air into the stove and ensures rapid ignition of the fire. The other mode combines the primary air with a second air flow and thus ensures maximum combustion.

Dik Geurts Wood stoves



Dik Geurts Aste 5

Aste 5

The Aste 5 wood burning stove by Dik Geurts features a classic square design with a large viewing window. A combination of steel body and cast iron door means you get the best of both worlds as the outer casting heats up incredibly quickly whereas the door has great heat retention.

Dik Geurts Ivar 5


The Ivar 5 is a DEFRA approved 5kw stove with a clean design and large glass for a beautiful view of the flames. It is a versatile stove with external air connection that can burn wood, coke or coal and can be freestanding or installed into an inglenook chimney opening.

Dik Geurts Ivar 8

Ivar 8

A classic wood stove design, with a large viewing window and a convenient log storage space. With a heat output of up to 9 kW, it can easily heat a spacious room, but its low emissions qualify it for DEFRA.

Dik Geurts odin


There is no doubt that the Odin woodburning stove will catch the eye and become the central focus to the space that it inhabits. Designed with style, efficiency and ease of use and meticulously crafted. 

Dik Geurts odin

Modivar 5 

The Modivar 5 is a beautifully designed stove with its large window and simple to use air controls. As it has different log store options, it will suit many different interiors. 

Dik Geurts Oval on legs

Oval  Front on legs

With its large oval shape and wooden legs, this designer fire from Dik Geurts has a unique look. Thanks to this shape, you have a beautiful view of the flame picture.

Dik Geurts Oval tunnel suspended

Oval  Tunnel Suspended

A unique suspended tunnel fireplace, giving a beautiful view of a large flame picture, from two sides. The dark anthracite vermiculite interior ensures optimum clean combustion.

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