Scan Wood Stoves

Contemporary stove company Scan, merge cool Danish design and innovation with user-friendliness.

The focus isn’t just on warmth but about delivering a perfect flame encapsulated in a design-conscious piece of furniture which suits the majority of homes.

Scan Wood Stoves

That fantastic combination of Danish design, brave ideas, and an eye for detail has catapulted 
Scan into one of the leading brands in wood-burning stoves. Specialising in Contemporary Stove design.


Scan 41


As far as Danish Design goes, Scan 41 is classic and elegant. This is a design expression that leaves you with many possibilities, when it comes to placement and interior decoration in the home. This contemporary stove  is a medium-sized stove with a large glass front door.

Scan 1010 Wood Stove


Scan 65 with steel sides is available with our without side windows. A soap stone top can be added as an extra accessory.

Scan 66 Wood Stove

66 Wall

The organic shape of the Scan 66 creates a beautiful frame around the fire.

Hang it on the wall or choose between different base options.

Scan 66-2 pedistal


Scan 66-2 has an elegant pedestal base, where fresh air can be led through it. With this model a shaped floor plate of glass or steel is available.

Scan 66-4


Scan 66-4 has a rectangular base with the stove “floating” above the base, which gives a nice effect of weightlessness.

Scan 66-4


The good looking Scan 66-5 combines the stylish design of Scan 66 with a new type of base, which unites functionalism and aesthetics. You can store wood in the arch of the base, where two steel loops provide protection against scratches.

Scan 67


The 67 1300 is perfect for more modern interiors with its circular type D design, with its nominal output of 5Kw it’s perfect for smaller rooms as well as more modern builds where you do not need the heat. As part of their sustainability focus, they have developed Zensoric technology that controls the airflow too.

Scan 68 Wood Stove


Scan 68 draws its design from the iconic Scan 58 series, one of the world’s bestselling stoves.

The elliptic shape adds an expression into its surroundings and is a joy to watch.

Scan 80 wood stove


The Scan 80 series is a clean burn appliance, crafted from nature’s own recyclable materials. Scan have designed their fireplaces to heat your home efficiently for many years to come, bringing you authentic Danish design excellence with a low carbon footprint

Scan 83 Wood Stove


The noiseless, self-closing soft-close door is only one of many features of this stove.

It can be supplied with a revolving base, to enjoy the flames wherever you are.

Scan 84 Wood Stove


The Scan 84 series has clean lines and an almost architectural design. The door has a soft-close function that ensures that it closes softly and quiet.

Scan 84 maxi Wood Stove

84 Maxi

The Scan 84 Maxi series has clean lines and an almost architectural design. The door has a soft-close function that ensures that it closes softly and quietly. Extra height stove perfect for rooms with vaulted or height celings.

Scan 85


Scan 85 is a large stove with perfect proportions. The burn chamber design creates “a cave” that provides the fire with optimum conditions. The result is a unique flame picture behind the ingenious sliding door. The elegant handle is flush with the stove’s external shape, and it only takes a light push to release the handle and make it easy to get to.

Scan 87

87 Floor

Sometimes you want go “all in”. Scan 87 is a large stove that gives you lots of heat, a heavy and solid impression and becomes the natural focus of the room.

Scan 87 wall

87 Wall

The gaze is naturally drawn to the eye-catching glass guillotine door that presents the flames in a bright combustion chamber with 160 degree vision. The distinct, curved joints in the construction and the smoke colored glass details; with the cool glass handle and the rounded ash lip, offer design and functionality fused together.

Scan 1003 Box

1003 Box

Create your wood stove from a variety of combinations: version with pyres of different sizes or without pyres, with or without bases! Personalize your Scan 1003 by adjusting the modules according to your interior

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