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Scan 67 1300

A small wood stove with an industrial design is perfect if you have limited space with its nominal output being 5kW.

Danish design is all about sustainability, simplicity and functionality. The D-shape design and curved panoramic glass give the fireplace a round appearance, but the advantage is it can stand closer to the wall. The black oak handle stays cool when the fireplace is hot and can easily be replaced to match the interior scheme; with a choice of 2 lengths and 3 colours.

Modern wood-burning stoves are created for high efficiency and low emissions. In a wood-burning stove, combustion can primarily be influenced by the total amount of air and the air distribution. Zensoric doesn’t leave this to chance but uses a sensor to check the temperature to provide the correct amount of oxygen exactly at the right time.

Changes in temperature identify the combustion phases, which regulate the combustion air.


  • during ignition, Zensoric provides a burst of air to quickly start the fire.

Main Combustion: 

  • In the main burning phase, the amount of ignition air, secondary air and air wash is reduced. At the same time, the amount of tertiary air is increased. This is to keep the oxygen level consistent and prevent excessive burning.


  • Zensoric increases ignition air flow as the fire goes out. This ensures efficient burnout and reduces the amount of ashes left in the burn chamber. 

Zensoric controls these factors for clean combustion, which is difficult with a manually operated log burner. Zensoric constantly monitors temperature levels, to fine-tune the oxygen supply for optimal performance and the lowest possible environmental impact.


Heat Output: 5kW
Efficiency 76%
Flue Size: 150mm
Height: 1300mm
Width: 450mm
Depth: 407mm


£3,899.00 inc VAT

Handle Colours to choose from: Left to right: golden, Mocca and white

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