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Chesney's Fireplaces

Chesneys Wood Stoves

Chesneys believe that a wood stove should not only be an energy efficient source of heating but it should also be an important element in the design of a room and its main focus when lit.

Chesney's Wood Burning Stoves

We were the first dealer in the UK to sell Chesneys Wood  stoves.

Our collection includes both traditional and contemporary designs and that are unique in their style and sophistication.
Chesneys have employed the latest technology in in creating a range of wood burning and multi fuel stoves that combine efficiency with minimal emissions.
The clean-burn and air-wash technology that our stoves use substantially reduces emissions and contributes to a cleaner, healthier environment whilst delivering an outstanding level of efficiency.
A Chesneys multi-fuel or wood burning stove promises years of reliable use.
Only the finest materials are used in a sophisticated manufacturing process and our confidence in the product that we offer is reflected in the five year guarantee that we provide for the bodies of our stoves.
Their latest generation of stoves are some of the finest we’ve ever played with.


Alpine Wood Stove


The Alpine stove with its imaginative retro styling is quite unique.

Nickel plated ornamentation and rounded lines combine to create a stove that is visually stunning.

Milan Wood Stove


The Milan is the ideal choice of stove for a contemporary setting.

Its sleek cylindrical lines allow it to stand within a room and provide an attractive and highly effective source of heat.


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Quality, Personalised Service

If you choose a Wendron Stoves engineer to install your stove then you have the confidence that he is HETAS qualified. As such, his work is guaranteed and safe.

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We have worked in the stove industry for over 30 years, so we like to think we have intimate knowledge of our industry.
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