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Servicing and Spares

Spares for your stove.

Here at Wendron Stoves, we provide a comprehensive range of spares and parts for a wide range of wood-burners.
Our experienced staff are just a phone call away.
They can help advise you and make sure you order the right replacement part for your stove.

Stove servicing

Having your stove serviced once a year is a basic recommendation by all the wood stove manufacturers.
Coal soot or wood tar deposits can build up and this will have a detrimental affect to the efficiency of your stove and how much fuel you will use.
A service includes the following:
  • A strip down and inspection of the stove, remove the internal firebricks, baffles and check the seal of the door rope.
  • A thorough sweep and clean of the flue liner or chimney.
  • A report back to you of any defects found and the cost of replacing any parts needed.

A qualified HETAS engineer carries out the service.

We want you to enjoy your stove for many years and an annual service will help to achieve that.

For Servicing, Repairs, Spares or Specialist Advice

Call Us: 01326 572878

Quality, Personalised Service

If you choose a Wendron Stoves engineer to install your stove then you have the confidence that he is HETAS qualified. As such, his work is guaranteed and safe.

Specialist Advice

We have worked in the stove industry for over 30 years, so we like to think we have intimate knowledge of our industry.
So when you come to us for help, you can be assured that we will give you the highest quality advice together with superb customer service.