Service & Sweep

Why should I have my stove installation serviced and Swept?

Servicing your stove regularly comes with many benefits. See below:

  • It keeps your stove working safely and efficiently, but it also helps uphold the manufacturers warranties on the stove and the flue.
  • A lack of maintenance can prove expensive in the long run as essential parts become seized or corroded. When correctly maintained, many parts have a longer service life.
  • The amount of fuel you use will depend on the condition of your stove. Your stove will become difficult to light and will burn with less efficiency. Your stove will work at its optimum efficiency when serviced regularly, generally requiring less fuel to heat your room.
  • As time goes on, coal soot or wood tar deposits can build up in the chimney and flue pipe, producing harmful gases that could be released into the room and proving dangerous and fatal. A professional sweep can ensure that the gases move unhindered through the pipe and keep your installation working safely in your home.
  • Having your chimney swept will also reduce the risk of chimney fires preventing devastating and costly effects on you and your property.

One of our qualified HETAS engineers will carry out the service and sweep

Scan 66 Wood Stove

Service prices from June 2023

Service and Sweep

  • Functionality test of Carbon Monoxide Alarm
  • Disassembly and Clean of Combustion Chamber Components and Reassembly
  • Full Sweep of Flue from Appliance and Internals
  • Lubrication of all moving parts with anti-seize grease
  • Cleaning of Door Glass with specialist cleaner
  • Timber quality and moisture contents check (if required)
  • Fire lighting guidance (if required)
  • General Operation check of air controls
  • Sweep Certificate issued – Valid for 12 months and includes any advisories or reports (if required)


£98.00 inc VAT (EACH) – For one Appliance

£88.00 inc VAT (EACH) – For two or more Appliances

£75.00 inc VAT (EACH) – Return Visit Charge

Sweep Only

  • Full sweep of flue from Appliance to Cowl
  • Sweep Certificate issued – Valid for 12 months (for landlord legal obligations & insurance purposes)


£75.00 inc VAT (EACH) – For one Appliance

£70.00 inc VAT (EACH) – For two or more Appliances

Camera Survey

  • Full sweep of flue from Appliance to Cowl
  • Camera check from Appliance to Cowl to check the integrity of flue or cavity
  • report on Survey (if required)


£135.00 inc VAT – Per Appliances

Call Out

  • Engineer Call Out or Return Visit to investigate a fault, Fit a Spare Part or other purposes.


£75.00 inc VAT – First Hour

£50.00 inc VAT – Each Additional Hour

Stove Re-Spray

  • An in situ paint touch up, including paint.


£85.00 inc VAT – Per Appliance

Please note that at this moment in time, we are unable to Service Gas, Oil or Boiler stoves

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If you choose a Wendron Stoves engineer to install your stove then you have the confidence that he is HETAS qualified. As such, his work is guaranteed and safe.

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We have worked in the stove industry for over 30 years, so we like to think we have intimate knowledge of our industry.
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