Tonwerk Wood Stoves

Wood Stove

Do you love watching the calming play of flickering flames?
When you’re sitting cosily on the sofa, with friends at the dining table, with a good book in your armchair?
The T-EYE can be easily rotated through 360 degrees on its designer base.

The T-EYE features and automatic combustion air flap that does not need any manual intervention.
Once heated, the T-EYE does everything by itself. It couldn’t be easier. Also, it is re-fuelled from above, ensuring clean use because no ashes can fall on the floor.

A strong piece of design whose heating capacity can compete with the larger models.
On a single charge of firewood, the T-EYE emits over six hours of healthy radiated heat, and even outside of the heating season its unmistakable design presents a special highlight in every living space.

Tonwerk T Eye


  • Quantity of fuel (firewood)                    3 Kg
  • Burning Time                                         1 Hour
  • Heating Time                                         >6 Hours
  • Fuel Efficeincy                                        85%
  • Heat Storage Capacity                         65%
  • Weight                                                     200 Kg
  • Flue                                                          Top
  • External Air Connections                      Bottom
  • Flue Draught                                          10 Pa
  • Nominal                                                   5 Kw
  • Heating Capacity                                   1-5 Kw


FROM £4995.83 exc VAT

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