HWAM 3120 & 3130

The HWAM series combines modern design with a cosy atmosphere…

The design of this elliptical stove series originates in pure Scandinavian lines and simple forms that make the HWAM 3100 series more than just stoves. They are also attractive items of furniture that will adorn and warm any home. Hung on the wall, it has a discreet expression and is particularly easy to clean.

With HWAM SmartControl you need not worry about how to achieve the optimum and most eco-friendly combustion — the electronic control will take care of this.
Simply download our App “IHS Smart Control” on your phone or tablet. Set the desired room temperature. The app will notify you when it is time to fire to keep the right temperature — without any manual adjustment of the dampers.

To start a fire, you must use the right amount of wood, heat and oxygen. And to achieve the cleanest and most eco-friendly combustion, you need the right combination of wood, oxygen and temperature.

To this end, HWAM® SmartControl has been developed in collaboration with DTU (Danish Technical University). It automatically ensures an optimal combination of oxygen and temperature to achieve clean combustion. The correct amount of oxygen is very important for optimal combustion. HWAM® SmartControl™ constantly measures oxygen levels at the outlet of the wood-burning stove and continuously adjusts the vents to ensure the right amount of oxygen. To reduce the risk of particle and gas emissions, the fire must reach a minimum temperature of 750° C in the shortest possible time. HWAM® SmartControl™ helps adjust the position of the vents to achieve this temperature.

Denmark has the strictest legal requirements in Europe when it comes to particle emissions from wood-burning stoves. Therefore, you can light the fire with a clear conscience, sit back and enjoy while the wood-burning stove does all the hard work.

HWAM 3120 Smart stove


Heat Output: 4.5kW
Efficiency 83%
Flue Size: 150mm
Height From: 1005mm
Width: 479mm
Depth: 414mm
Distance to combustibles rear/sides: 100/200mm


£3,145.00 inc VAT


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