Design meets innovation. Our iQ technology regulates the airflows in the LHASA iQ stove completely automatically. All you have to do is light the fire. Everything else is monitored, adjusted and controlled by iQ, ensuring maximum comfort, convenience and the lowest emissions. Configure the LHASA iQ in line with your personal colour preferences. There are so many possibilities. Get inspired! Our tip: The handcrafted graphic ceramic gives the stove a particularly elegant look. And by the way: With its large corner firebox, the LHASA iQ is an ideal fit in the corner of a living room.

The iQ technology continuously analyses the combustion chamber temperature, regulating the air flows and temperature. The oxygen supply is perfectly balanced. The fire burns extremely cleanly and is exceptionally beautiful.

The iQ app provides up-to-the-second information on the burning quality of the stove. It displays the performance of the fire with regard to emission behaviour and energy efficiency. The app displays the perfect time to add wood, gives tips on firing up the stove, and lets you quickly access the operating and installation instructions as well as the stove’s serial number at any time.

Cast iron stove Contura 51L


Heat Output: 6k W
Efficiency 82%
Flue Size: 150mm
Height: 1490mm
Width: 400/560mm
Depth: 400/560mm
Distance to combustibles rear/sides: 125/280mm


£5,790.00 inc VAT


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