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Focus fires have the ability to operate on battery battery power and can be connected to the mains by an adapter (optional). A remote control allows the control of many functions, including lighting and extinguishing the fire, adjusting the room temperature, programming the operating time and switching to eco mode.


Boafocus Central

Aside from this anecdote, the Boafocus central model combines a svelte yet elegantly curvy silhouette with an efficient multi-functional gas fire. Supplied with ceramic logs and a curved double-glazed porthole, this CE-certified model with its compact size unites indisputable visual appeal with exceptional performance.

Boafocus Mural

Sharing the same design and performance as the central model, the hearth of the wall version has the same width but reduced depth. This allows it to be installed against a wall, freeing up more space.


The world’s first concave gas fire, the Curvifocus offers an exceptional view of the flames and makes all eyes converge towards it. The simplicity of the shape of this fire belies its exceptional heat performance, making it eco-friendly and meeting European standards.


The Gyrofocus gas fire is suspending and rotating. Perfect for large open plan living with its nominal output of 13kW.

This Gas fire is available in Black or white.


Grappus is more than a wood stove: it is a composition that rhythmically structures space, giving the fire the high one. The height of the hearth, counterbalanced by the offset wood rack, makes the stove easy to use and adapts well to any space.

Lensfocus Gas


Lenfocus Gas fire comes in a porthole style, making it modern but not too intrusive into a room.

This Gas fire is available in Black or white.


The Pictofocus allows the fire to embrace its public. The quiet power of simplicity guides the design philosophy of this model. Its innovative, elegant lines avoid any distraction so the fire can take centre stage.


The Slimfocus is a periscope of flames. Its hearth is either suspended or supported by a base and fixed in place. Its streamlined shape takes up little space, whether it is positioned centrally in the room, near a wall or in a corner.


Its streamlined shape takes up little space, whether positioned centrally in a room, near a wall or in a corner.

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