Each and every ceramic tile on a Hase stove is hand-shaped, carefully glazed and then fired. That makes each stove an individual work of art which was designed and created with true passion.



The Como has a nominal output of 6.5Kw, perfect for larger open spaces. It has a warming compartment above the firebox and a small wood storage bin below the ash drawer. Also, the stove can be in a different colour and ceramic options to suit any interior.


The Elvas is a beautiful, slender stove. It creates a picturesque fire without radiating too much heat. Ideal for houses and apartments with low heating requirements.


The Lima’s cylindrical stove body can be rotated. A feature that makes the Lima stand out, as does its slender form, balanced proportions, and high-quality, stylish surfaces.


The Luno has a nominal of 5.5kW, perfect for smaller spaces; It comes in many designs: The steel is available in three different metal colours, with ceramic or soapstone top, or completely covered in soapstone or ceramic in various colours.


The Osaka stove can be rotated, letting you view the fire from different room areas. With Its nominal output of 5.5kW, it is perfect for smaller rooms.

Sendai 135

Clean-lined and striking form. Uncompromising elegance in design. The Sendai 135 stove impresses with its double-glazed fire box on three sides.


You can direct the dancing flames and warmth of the Sila into any part of the room by just rotating the stove body – for homes with open floor plans, that is an outstanding advantage for enjoying the fire.

LHasa iQ

The LHase has the new iQ technology, which helps regulate the airflow; all that needs to be done is light the stove, and then all the work is done through the iQ part of the stove.

This stove has different colours and cladding options to suit any interior, perfect for a corner of a room to view the rolling flames.

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