What Wood should I burn on my stove?

Knowing what wood to burn on your fire is very important as the fuel you burn can massively impact the well-being of your stove and flue system. Poor-quality wood can gum up the insides of your stove and flue with tar, which will eat away at bricks and baffles.

It is essential to ensure all wood has the right moisture content and is properly seasoned. Ideally, wood logs have been seasoned for a minimum of 12 months, and your moisture content for each log is approximately 20-25% to ensure an easy burn. (Wood Moisture meters are available to monitor this)

Softwood such as Birch, fir and conifer burn hot but very fast. Excellent for getting the heat up quickly in your stove but maybe not suitable for long-term fires.

Hardwood such as beech, oak and Ash is an excellent all-rounder. While a slightly slower start than softwood, Hardwoods will burn hot, clear and for an extended period. This means less time loading your stove and getting more out of your wood supply.

Kiln-Dried Wood:
Kiln-dried hardwood is the Best of the Best when it comes to woodburning. With an approximate 15% moisture content, kiln-dried wood burns at its most efficient. It’s easy to light, burns hot, and is clean and clear. Kiln-dried wood fires are the gold standard of woodburning in your stove. However, kiln Dried’s drawback is that it costs more and must be kept in a dry area to maintain its low moisture content. We recommend having a supply of both kiln-dried and Seasoned hardwood. Start your fire with the kiln dried and, once well established, switch to your seasoned wood.


Did you know that a good chimney sweep can tell the quality of your fuel when they sweep your chimney?

Good quality fuel produces a fine, almost flour-like soot and is easy to remove. Poor quality fuel is thicker, can clump together, and sometimes even be sticky and more difficult to remove.

We supply Kiln Dried wood, kindling and firelighters, etc.

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