BBQube 2-Wheel Base

BBQube with a 2-Wheeled Base for easy manoeuvrability.

BBQube is an industry-leading, dual-function, outdoor heater and barbecue in one. 

Providing high levels of clean-burning heat, easily switch from barbecue cooking to the embracing warmth of an outdoor wood-burner.

Light the fire with charcoal and produce succulent, barbecued meat, flavoursome grilled vegetables and mouth-watering, homemade pizzas on the BBQube grill. Then, gather around with friends and family to enjoy the radiating warmth of your fire, fuelling it with kiln-dried logs long into the evening.

Each BBQube has been engineered to produce significant amounts of heat, next to no smoke and require very little fuel, plus our patented, internal door-baffles let you easily divert the heat up to the grill for cooking or forwards for a warmth that you will see and feel.


  • 2-wheeled base for easy manoeuvrability.
  • Dual fuel: Charcoal for cooking. Wood for warmth.
  • Spring loaded lid and door.
  • Unique, coated finish for corrosion resistance.
  • Lateral air adjustment lever for easy burn control.
  • Internal baffle for direct or indirect heat when cooking.
  • Integrated heat deflector doors.
  • Two part flue included.
  • Aluminium handles.
  • Stainless steel side shelves.
  • Dual-function grill plate.
  • Digital thermometer included.
  • Protective gloves included.


BBQube 2-wheel base


A properly maintained BBQube will deliver a dependable and safe source of heating and versatile easy cooking for years to come. BBQube not only delivers great performance and environmental standards but also offers a 2-year Guarantee. 

Like all our products, The BBQube Collection is built to the highest technical specifications using the finest quality materials. 


The heater operates in the same way as a wood burning stove with a single, lateral lever to control air flow into the chamber and subsequently the level of heat generated. The hinged glass door allows the fuel to be replenished with ease, with the glow of the flames being always visible. 


The movement of a steel baffle plate inside the chamber from re-directs the heat upwards towards the grill and very importantly, internal steel doors can be folded out behind the glass door, acting as a shield to protect your body from the high temperatures inside. The combustion technology used in our range of indoor wood burning stoves has been adapted to provide a degree of temperature control that is uniquely sensitive and responsive to a barbecue.


Due to directional air supply, there is significantly less smoke produced, than by other solid fuel outdoor heating and cooking products. A short flue pipe directs what little smoke there is, away from the unit and those around it.



£1,985.00 inc VAT

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