700gr strong white flour

2tsp salt

1 sachet dried yeast

25gr butter or 1 tbsp olive oil

450ml water


Place the flour and salt into a mixing bowl, rub in the butter or stir in the oil, add the yeast and stir well, mix into the flour and carefully add the liquid to form a soft dough, you may not need it all. Knead well for 5-8 mins, cover the dough with a plastic bag and prove for 45-1hr mins until doubled in size. Knead again and use as rolls or loaves.

The recipe will make 16 bread rolls. or 2-450gr loaves or 1-900gr loaf.

Place the rolls or loaves onto a baking tray, dust with flour or a seed topping, cover with a plastic bag and allow to rise to approx double in size, this can take around 30 mins.


Use any flour of your choice.

Olive and tomato bread-add 85gr each of pitted black sliced olives and halved sun dried tomatoes before adding the liquid.

Herb bread-add three tbsp chopped fresh herbs before the liquid.

Cheese and onion bread –add 1 chopped onion sautéed in butter and 150gr grated cheese and 1tsp of mustard powder before the liquid.