Everhot 100i

The Everhot 100i has two zone induction hob, fitted neatly under the second lid. Fingertip controls and incredible speed and control, it is an essential modern addition to your classic range cooker. The warming oven on the 100i is behind the bottom right hand door.



Everhot 100i


Number of Ovens : 2 + 1 warming overn
Number of 13A plugs: 1
Hotplate: 1 (Split hotplate, Controllable)
Simmer plate:
Induction Hob: 2
Typical heat to room: 600 W
Approx. Weight (kg): 350

Oven Temperatures:

Hot plate: Maximum 350˚C
Simmer Plate:
Top Oven: Maximum 250˚C
Bottom Oven: Maximum 180˚C
Warming Oven: Approx. 60˚C
Grill: A 2.5KW full width radiant grill with digital timer (in top oven)

Eco Mode:

ECO mode automatically drops the cooker into half temperatures overnight and saves around 20% of the power consumed by the cooker.

If you typically don’t need your ovens until later in the day, you can use Everhot’s unique Oven Delay Timer. Their factory settings use a three-hour delay between the hot plates warming up in the morning and the ovens heating up but you can delay this function further, by up to 12 hours. A great feature if you only use your ovens in the evening for example. This is particularly useful for people with renewables because you can spread the peak load whilst the cooker is warming up and reduce overall power consumption. Your Everhot control panel allows you to do this separately for each day of the week, so you can still have hot ovens ready for Sunday lunch!


£11,095.00 inc VAT

plus delivery

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